Spring is the perfect time to sell a house! With warmer weather, many buyers will be out and about looking at houses. Make your house stand out with a good first impression. A little money and effort can make a big difference!

Here are some simple ways to add curb appeal to any house:

Make a statement: Paint your front door a bright color to attract the eye. This will make your home feel new and inviting to potential buyers.

Add style: Find a new font to make your house number stand out. It's important for people to be able to find your house when house hunting, make your house number visible and stylish!

Pops of color: Put some flowers or greenery outside to add color and cheer.

Make it welcoming: Add or update a welcome mat to invite buyers in. It will also add color and cheer to your entryway.

Make it look sharp: Pressure wash your porch and the outside of your house. This is a cheap and easy way to make everything look better!



When selling a house, giving it the perfect look is key! That might be obvious to some, but a lot of people forget just how important staging is to the selling process. Most of the time, a little effort is all it takes to make the difference. No idea how to stage your house? No problem! Here are a few tips and tricks.

Curb appeal: The first thing a potential buyer will see when they drive up is the outside of the house. A few ways to spruce up outside includes planting some new plants, trees, bushes or other greenery. Giving the outside of your home fresh coat of paint and help give it an inviting look.

Clear the clutter: Eliminating clutter on shelves, entertainment centers, closets, and counter spaces can help give the home a more spacious feel. For example, organizing shoes and clothes in your closet can help the closets in the home appear larger. When things are cluttered they can make the space feel small. This could give the potential buyer the impression their things won’t fit in the space.

Make the space...


The expectations of 2017 are through the roof. Whether or not the aspirations are big or small, the one guarantee that 2017 is bringing to us is a heated Real Estate Market. However, as the old saying goes “the past directly affects the future.” To determine what the likely forecast of 2017 will look like in real estate, we have to take into account of the notable, most talked about subject of 2016: The United States Presidential Election. The Election had a small effect on the closing months of the previous year, and will likely have an effect on this year’s market. “... The 40 basis points increase in rates in the days following the election has caused us to increase our interest rate prediction for next year,” says Jonathan Smoke of

Millennials & Boomers - With the uprising prices of properties, it is believed that first-time buyers will be eliminated from the market due to financial challenges. As Boomers and Millennials could potentially dominate the market, millennials...